December 4, 2020

US Ecology, the environmental services leader with over 65 years of experience solving complex waste challenges for customers across North America, unveils long term disposal solutions for PFAS contaminated wastes with zero discharge. These solutions, available specifically at US Ecology arid climate Subtitle C landfills, satisfy the criteria established by federal and state regulatory agencies like the Department of Defense (DOD) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlining viable management alternatives to incineration for disposition of PFAS waste.

“US Ecology’s industry leading capabilities enable us to provide innovative solutions to address our customer’s toughest environmental challenges of looking for secure disposal of PFAS contaminated wastes, including AFFF concentrates, rinsates, groundwater, solid or liquid remediation wastes, contaminated soils, debris, bio solids, plating bath solutions and other materials,” said Simon Bell, Chief Operating Officer at US Ecology.

US Ecology’s highly engineered, state of the art Subtitle C landfills located in Beatty, NV and Grand View, ID have substantial disposal capacity and are regulated by federal and state authorities. Design features currently in place include double synthetic and clay liners, trench cap barriers, and leak detection systems, and since they are set in arid climate locations, offer the unique advantage of long term secure containment of waste with zero leachate discharge.

With some of the highest net evaporation rates in the country and extremely low humidity in these desert sites, the small amounts of leachate generated by US Ecology’s Idaho and Nevada landfills is managed completely onsite without discharge or need for additional offsite treatment. This secure disposal with zero discharge methodology prevents any PFAS from being released into the environment and ends the mobility cycle of PFAS impacts on human health and the environment. US Ecology arid landfill options are proven solutions that end the liability cycle.

Additional information outlining design specifications and technologies in place at each US Ecology Subtitle C landfill is available within US Ecology’s PFAS Disposal White Paper. To learn more about US Ecology PFAS solutions for customers across North America, including secure management of AFFF firefighting foam and PFAS contaminated wastewater streams through thermal, carbon filtration, injection, ion exchange or resin filtration, please contact us.