October 1, 2018
Emergency response oil cleanup. Crew in a boat and gear going down a brown river

US Ecology is pleased to announce the acquisition of ES&H Dallas LLC. This purchase includes three locations - Dallas, Midland, and Austin, Texas - which provide Emergency Response, Industrial Services, Remediation, LTL, Transportation, Equipment Cleaning, Waste Disposal, Container Rental, Pipeline and Recycling Services to customers in the Texas area. The facilities will be renamed US Ecology Dallas, US Ecology Midland, and US Ecology Austin going forward.

Integrating the ES&H Dallas operations with US Ecology services will strengthen our Gulf Coast operations offering customers significant value. These operations will be part of our network of facilities complementing our new 10-day facility in Houston, Texas, and our Part B TSDF in Robstown, Texas.

“The addition of ES&H Dallas’ premier service and logistics network will support our growing business in the Gulf region,” commented Jeff Feeler, US Ecology’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Texas remains one of the fastest growing economies in the US, driven primarily by the energy markets as well as the long list of new manufacturing facilities coming online. With this purchase, we see the opportunity to combine our existing suite of field services with ES&H Dallas’ emergency and spill response offerings, leveraging that business model across our network of facilities in the Gulf Coast and driving value for our customers.”