December 1, 2017
hurricane flooding where trees and buildings are underwater

The hurricane season of 2017 was devastating to many communities in the southern United States. US Ecology worked to alleviate some of the distress by providing clean-up and support services to some of these communities after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

US Ecology Texas in Robstown targeted their efforts in four main nearby communities that were hit the hardest - Robstown, Rockport, Port Aransas and Aransas Pass. They provided support in the form of supplies, debris cleanup and other services.

  • USE brought in equipment to remove debris, trees, etc. off of homes, out of streets and yards and provided roll-off trucks and boxes to remove all of the debris so that homeowners could regain a small sense of normality and peace of mind.
  • We targeted homes and neighborhoods of US Ecology Texas employees and their families by bringing in pallets of water, supplies and food for those who no longer had vehicles or could not leave their homes.
  • Our employees spent a significant amount of time cleaning up and assisting senior residents that could not perform the work themselves.
  • The company took food, supplies and clothing to a family in Robstown that lost their home to a fire during the hurricane. US Ecology employees from our locations in Taylor, Mich.; Boston; Toledo, Ohio; Boise, Idaho and Tampa, Fla. also assisted our customers in the Houston area and southern Florida.

Our disposal facilities saw an influx of asbestos debris from the repair and cleanup projects from damaged structures. Customers included a church in Refugio to a university in Corpus Christi, to a manufacturer in Port Aransas, to households in and around Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas.

US Ecology’s Emergency Response Team respond to all three hurricanes – Harvey, Irma and Maria – assisting in the cleanup efforts of our retail and pharmacy customers. They managed clean-ups at fourteen stores in Texas (Houston, Port Aransas, Rockport, Victoria), eight in Florida and one in Puerto Rico. The project scopes ranged from removal of heat damaged pharmaceuticals, including DEA regulated pharmaceuticals, to entire store clean-outs.

Our team of emergency response and incident command professionals can quickly respond to any natural disaster, spill, or emergency clean-up that may be required. Our Emergency Response Services are supported by our entire network of service centers, treatment facilities, and disposal facilities across North America. US Ecology was honored to be able to assist our customers, employees, friends and family during these trying times.