December 1, 2017
outline of michigan

US Ecology provides essential services to help Michigan industrial, retail, educational and government customers protect the environment and safely and responsibly manage waste. Our services enable Michigan organizations to comply with environmental regulations, manage risk and reduce expense – helping to make them more competitive and drive Michigan’s economy. These services also help preserve the quality of Michigan’s environment by supporting Michigan tourism, business attraction and talent acquisition.

Another important impact on Michigan’s economy is US Ecology’s expenditures on payroll, waste surcharges, property taxes, charitable efforts and payments to local vendors. The company’s expenditures had an estimated total economic impact* of $500 million in 2014-2016 benefiting the state of Michigan, including:  

  • US Ecology is a substantial Michigan employer with over 500 full time employees at seven locations in Southeast Michigan. These jobs directly and indirectly support an estimated 1,200 total jobs in Michigan.
  • Michigan communities benefit from the more than $16 million US Ecology pays in waste surcharges, fees and property taxes to the State of Michigan and local governments. A portion of the annual funding we give to the Township is allocated to the Department of Public Safety and to environmental projects and programs.
  • US Ecology’s Michigan facilities purchase in excess of $38 million in goods and services from more than 750 Michigan businesses. Our supply chain includes large and small companies that provide construction services, recycling and treatment equipment, fuel, hauling, contract labor, communications, consulting and many other goods and services.
  • Supporting the communities in which we are located is a top priority to US Ecology. We partnered with over 70 Michigan non-profit organizations in 2014-2016 providing contributions and other support for their causes. We supported the Romulus Arts Council, Michigan Alzheimer’s Association, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, Boys and Girls Club, Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum and the Michigan Environmental Council.
  • US Ecology also engages in proactive charitable initiatives with numerous local communities, these include: providing the land and building pubic baseball fields in Van Buren Township; teaming with the Romulus Public Library system to create an adult literacy program; donating labor, equipment and funds for the Willow Run Bomber Plant/Yankee Air Museum restoration project; and holding Annual Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events.

US Ecology’s Michigan-based facilities help strengthen the competitiveness and resiliency of other Michigan businesses. US Ecology assists our Michigan customers by managing their waste safely and in compliance with federal and state laws; helping maintain business operations while reducing their liability. US Ecology’s customers include half of the largest companies in Michigan, and two-thirds of the state’s largest industrial firms. We support local businesses by providing waste management close to the point of generation therefore reducing transport cost and liability and also reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about how US Ecology’s Michigan operations help protect the environment, visit or call (800) 592-5489.

*Total economic impact reflects the increase in overall economic output that results when an initial expenditure is spent again and again by other businesses and households.