May 4, 2022
ART Unit

Semios, USA, Inc., headquartered in Fresno, CA, is an industry leading precision crop management platform that offers an environmentally friendly alternative to using pesticides in agriculture with a focus onthe optimization and sustainable use of farmland. Their model utilizes specific insect pheromones in aerosol cans strategically placed around a crop field. They research and analyze the in-canopy climate conditions needed by a specific crop to be protected and develop powerful forecasts to implement the proper measures for the best results. Semios then programs their pheromone-releasing aerosol technology to deploy in a sequence that causes mating disruption of invasive insect species, which in turn will ensure a stable crop and fruitful harvest.

Being a provider of environmentally friendly agricultural solutions, Semios was looking for a sustainable alternative to incineration for their aerosol waste disposal needs that fell within the scope of their company ideals. In February of 2021, after auditing the Aerosol Recycling Technology (ART) used at US Ecology’s facility in Beatty, NV, they chose to partner with us to recycle their waste. Our ability to recycle or reuse 100% of their aerosol waste, as well as our capacity to handle other universal wastes such as batteries, made US Ecology their top-choice to provide sustainable and compliant solutions for the 160,000 cans of aerosol waste produced annually by Semios.

“We were impressed with US Ecology’s Aerosol Recycling Technology, and its ability to recycle or reuse all components of our aerosol waste. More importantly, both of our companies remain focused on sustainability and protecting the environment,” said Jimmie White of Semios. “Partnering with them was a no brainer, especially when we realized shipping our waste to the Beatty facility helped reduce cost, which benefits our mission and bottom line.”


Our ability to transport and recycle both large and small quantities of aerosol waste has provided Semios with a sustainable solution, keeping them compliant with local, state and federal regulations while also helping them to protect human health and the environment. As their business expands, US Ecology’s nationwide, wholly-owned assets will continue to provide premier recycling solutions for their aerosols, batteries, or other hazardous waste disposal services.

In order to meet the growing demand by Semios, and many other companies across industry sectors looking for more sustainable services, US Ecology has expanded our Aerosol Recycling Technology into the Midwest and has plans to continue to increase our capabilities throughout the U.S. The installation of our latest ART unit has been completed at our facility in Romulus, Michigan with plans to install a third unit in the Gulf Coast region in the future.

US Ecology is proud to be the first and only company in the U.S. to offer this patent-pending technology for aerosol can waste that produces recyclable metal, reusable alternative and liquid fuels, and is landfill free with zero emissions. This premier system is the most sustainable solution in the U.S., utilizing a fully enclosed process equipped with oxygen monitoring sensors to protect the environment as well as the health and safety of our certified professionals operating the system.  

As an industry leader in sustainable recycling, US Ecology offers innovative and compliant solutions for aerosol can waste as well as best-in-class services for thermal recycling, hazardous waste transportation and disposal, metals recovery and more. For information on our premier, patent-pending Aerosol Recycling Technology, contact us at (800) 592-5489 or visit us online at