October 10, 2022
Gas station

Many companies use multiple waste vendors for the variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams generated by their operations. This often results in inefficiencies and a lack of oversight, as well as the missed opportunity to reduce costs for disposal, recycling and treatment. Whereas use of a single environmental waste vendor simplifies and streamlines the way waste is managed across your organization. US Ecology, now a Republic Services company, has 70 years of environmental solutions experience. Our impressive suite of Field, Industrial and Emergency Response services, combined with a nationwide footprint of service centers and treatment and disposal facilities, enables us to design customized programs for our customers that help them achieve compliance, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. US Ecology’s Total Waste Solutions (TWS) provide a centralized approach tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Customers have found great value in this centralized solution and the strategic partnership approach taken by our Managed Services Group (MSG) ensures consistently high satisfaction rates, resulting in longstanding relationships. One of our loyal customers is a nationwide chain of gas stations and convenience stores. Our successful relationship started in 2008 with routine vacuum services for their sump pumps. Both satisfied and impressed with the unequaled service excellence our professional teams provided on every job, they decided to expand the contract and take advantage of our TWS program, ensuring a holistic approach that provided solutions tailored to their needs.

Sump clean out

In addition to the routine vacuum services we already provided, we were awarded a contract to provide emergency response services, waste drum pick-up and industrial cleaning and decontamination services. MSG seamlessly integrated the management for all these new services, without interruption of the gas stations’ operations. We invested time in analyzing and understanding their business holistically to better meet their needs and identified long term improvements that ensured compliance and increased sustainability and efficiency.


While TWS by itself streamlines our customers’ processes and offers many advantages over programs that individualize services, our customers benefit from using our complimentary online customer resource - COR. COR is the industry’s leading online service platform that serves as a comprehensive data and reporting tool to manage all environmental and industrial services through a single point of entry. It delivers a centralized overview of the different services provided at all locations and the different waste profiles going to various US Ecology locations.  All documents and waste profiles are stored in one place and customers can take advantage of access to an interactive dashboard that features comprehensive insight into their waste data at any time.

US Ecology’s extensive capabilities and array of services makes us the leader in TWS. We continue to focus on providing best-in-class service, offering sustainable solutions and improving the customer experience. With the accessibility and reduced risk of using one vendor for all services, the professional team at US Ecology provides leading emergency response services and timely waste pickups with only one day notice, ensuring this customer continues to both request and benefit from our services. Contact us for a free quote or learn more here.