January 4, 2021
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Surprise visits from a compliance auditor with a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) or other governing regulatory agency to a retailer’s back of store were a standard part of operating in 2019. 2020, as we know, was a whole different story.

As the pandemic forced the world inside to avoid contracting COVID-19 and adjusted to the new normal of virtual meetings, it was no surprise that on-site, back-of-store inspections from regulatory compliance agencies had to decrease or stop altogether based on state emergency guidelines. Instead, auditors shifted to a digital approach, requesting paperwork from retailers to accurately share their hazardous and universal waste management reporting as a way to still enforce compliance from afar. And as all retailers know, paperwork detailing all waste can be a nightmare to manage without a partnership with a trusted environmental solutions provider.

US Ecology’s Customer Online Resource (COR) is an online database accessible to our enrolled customers. It is the industry's leading online application that allows our customers the ability to manage their industrial services and environmental waste needs through comprehensive and interactive dashboards. Our COR platform is a difference maker in the waste industry and enables customers to more efficiently and effectively manage accounts and easily meet the increase in demand for digital audits from CUPAS in 2020.

COR allows our customers to designate registered users to have access to their company’s waste data - at a single store, statewide or comprehensive nationwide level. When logged in, customers can choose to run a “Waste Summary Report”. With just a few keystrokes and filters adjusted, they can generate a report at any hour of the day to share with the inquiring auditor.

a laptop on a desk displaying the COR logo

While many reports exist that slice and dice all data to meet our customers’ unique needs, the “Waste Summary Report” is an industry standard, offering the following fields of data:

  • Service date
  • Disposal facility information
  • Site code/store number
  • Transporter information
  • Generator information including site codes/store number
  • Waste codes
  • Filterable on hazardous vs. nonhazardous waste
  • Manifest number
  • Approval codes and descriptions
  • Reportable quantity
  • EPA Management, Form and Source codes

With the ability to quickly pull this level of comprehensive data 24 hours a day, US Ecology’s customers can confidently respond to an auditor’s request, further proving they are operating safely and compliantly with the help of US Ecology’s Retail Solutions.

Dedicated retail customer support teams are also available to provide further clarification on any data found in COR’s reports and can answer any follow-up questions an auditor may have. Having the confidence of an accurate, industry-leading reporting tool like COR at their fingertips helps many retailers sleep at night knowing their compliance is maintained and waste safely handled by professionals with over 65 years of experience.

To learn more about US Ecology’s Retail Solutions, or to request a demo of our industry-leading COR platform, please contact Jeff Scott, Director of Retail at jeff.scott@usecology.com or by calling (800) 592-5489.