Total Waste Solutions (TWS)

By implementing a Total Waste Solutions (TWS) program, dedicated teams manage, track and report all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams across facilities through a single point of contact. Once we establish a standardized and consolidated view of your waste data, we implement strategies to reduce your environmental impact and costs while achieving compliance. Annual cost and volume reduction targets are included in a written performance improvement plan to measure progress. With a track record of creating innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your waste streams, we will define specific TWS services that exceed your automotive needs.

We provide a single source for the transportation, recycling and disposal of commercial trash, industrial waste and hazardous waste. The TWS program is designed to reduce cost and waste volumes while simplifying managing waste for you. We also offer an integrated package of remediation services, emergency response and industrial cleaning services. 

automobile assembly line

End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS)

someone picking up a handful of mercury switches from a bucket

In addition to offering TWM services, US Ecology has partnered with ELVS to facilitate dismantlers' and recyclers' removal of automotive mercury switches prior to a vehicle being scrapped.  This program supports the auto industry's steps in reducing the amount of mercury entering the environment from motor vehicles by removing mercury switches, and safely recycling the materials to better protect the environment.


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