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  • Trained field chemists

  • Identification, segregation and transportation of chemicals

  • Simple and efficient

  • Over 95% customer satisfaction rating

  • Market competitive rates with no hidden fees

  • Peace of mind and confidence choosing US Ecology

  • Over 65 years of national experience

  • 99% on-time services

  • Customer self-pack options

  • High haz waste management

  • Radioactive waste management

  • Stock room inventory management

  • Off and on-campus chemical moves

The US Ecology team could not have been more courteous and professional.  Both chemists worked with us to sort and process the order, and let us know that they were coming beforehand. US Ecology arrived on time as promised and had a very even keel about them.  I would love to have employees like theirs on my team.

-- John Determan, JCU International Inc.

Introducing LPx Software

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Safety Comes First

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  • Tailgate meetings and job safety analysis reports conducted at every site
  • Our chemists are OSHA certified, trained to meet all federal regulations, and wear workplace-standard PPE
  • All US Ecology employees are aware of the surrounding environment to ensure everyone’s safety 

Resume Safe Operations with COVID-19 Preventative Cleaning and Decontamination

Keep your students and staff safe from another wave of contagion when your campus reopens.


US Ecology offers turnkey, time-saving and cost-effective options for disposal of unneeded, out-of-date or unknown chemicals in your classrooms and laboratories. With very little work on your end, our professionally trained field chemists will arrive on site, on time, and will help you achieve compliance and protect you and your students from costly, complicated and dangerous waste handling mistakes.

US Ecology’s Lab Packing and Chemical Management Services are part of a larger company that responds to environmental waste concerns with an efficient and professional approach.  Take comfort knowing all US Ecology field chemists are fully trained and certified and have the knowledge and experience to complete both small and large volume projects in a safe and cost-effective manner.  US Ecology offers turnkey lab pack services for colleges, schools and companies. We proudly use US Ecology employees every step of the way, from initial conversations and estimates, to identification, segregation and transportation of all packed chemicals found within your labs. Let US Ecology’s environmental professionals help protect you from costly and dangerous waste handling mistakes when you need to dispose of waste or obsolete chemicals.

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