The COR platform is the industry's leading online application that allows you the ability to manage your industrial services and environmental waste needs from ANY device. Through a secure single point of entry, you will experience COR's comprehensive and interactive dashboards which streamlines many of the functions and reporting features necessary to effectively manage your waste services. US Ecology's COR platform is a difference maker in the waste industry enabling you to more easily, efficiently and effectively manage your account. Watch the videos below to find out more!

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Training and Registration

US Ecology is constantly striving towards providing excellence in customer service. Our team of highly trained representatives have full working and up-to-date knowledge on all of our customer portals. They stand ready to assist both new and previous users with any questions or concerns that they may have. Whether you are looking to register a new account, or simply need help with your existing waste account, please feel free contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with the support you need.

Experience all that COR has to offer first-hand by registering for one of our upcoming webinars, including:

  • User-friendly interactive dashboard
  • Ability to manage your account through a single point of entry
  • New online profile form with auto-validation to ensure compliance & accuracy
  • Enhanced approval tracking
  • Manifest retrieval
  • Comprehensive waste reporting features
  • Increased productivity and efficiency 

And Many More!

Frequently Asked Questions: COR

What does COR stand for?

Customer Online Resource

What is the difference between the already existing COR and the new version of COR that will replace EQ Online Services?

The pre-existing version of COR serves customers utilizing USE Texas, USE Nevada or USE Idaho for waste services.

The new version of COR serves customers currently enrolled in EQ Online Services or those doing business with EQ legacy facilities.  

Who does this affect?

Customers with accounts in EQ Online Services.

Customers who may not have an EQ Online Services account, but are conducting business with a US Ecology Facility other than the following: US Ecology Texas,  US Ecology Idaho and US Ecology Nevada.

Retail and Managed Services Group customers.  

Are current COR Customers affected by this change?

No, customers with waste materials currently managed at USE Texas, USE Nevada or USE Idaho will remain on the original COR application. These customers will be migrated to the updated COR application at a later date.

If a customer has an account for the current COR application AND an EQ Online Services account, do they still need to access both COR systems?

Yes, the new COR replaces EQ Online Services and will operate separately from the current COR application that services AESOP facility customers.

Will the customer login information be the same for COR as it is for Online Services?


Is US Ecology still accepting manually submitted profiles via email?

Yes, but we strongly encourage all customers to start utilizing the online profile form within the new COR platform.  COR auto fills reducing data entry time.

Customers will need to begin utilizing the new fillable-PDF profile form and supplements found on our website if they manually submit.  

Will COR replace my Customer Service Specialists?

No, COR is an additional service and not designed to replace your Customer Service Specialists. Your Customer Service Specialist will still assist you in accomplishing many day-to-day functions related to your account.

What are the benefits of signing up for the new version of COR?
  • Manage waste through single point of entry
  • Available on any device from any location
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Multiple users can access account information
  • Online Profile form with auto-validation to help ensure compliance
  • Enhanced approval tracking
  • Manifest retrieval
  • Comprehensive waste reporting features
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
Will current COR customers need to register with new login information to access the new COR?