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Thank you for choosing US Ecology as an important partner to meet your complex environmental, waste management and response needs.

We are an innovative solutions provider focused on safety, compliance, and best-in-class customer service.  With over 70 years of experience serving as an industry leader, we exist to provide safe, compliant sustainable services, and cost-effective alternatives.

We are confident you will experience unequaled service excellence from our US Ecology team.  We will be dedicated to building a long-term relationship with your company.


Why US Ecology?

US Ecology is a global environmental company meeting the needs of our customers and providing unequalled service excellence. Since 1952, US Ecology has provided safe and compliant solutions for complex waste management needs and ensured the effective management of the environmental risks our customers face. We lead the industry with expertise spanning across a comprehensive suite of environmental, industrial and emergency response services, and a team of over 3,800 personnel operating from 145 facilities and service center locations around the world. Learn More

Where is US Ecology located?

US Ecology has a network of service centers, TSDFs and administrative offices across the nation. Find a location near you!

What is US Ecology’s Mission and Vision?

Mission: To provide safe and compliant solutions to protect human health and the environment.

Vision: To be the premier provider of comprehensive environmental services.

Learn More

What is US Ecology’s safety policy?

US Ecology is committed to providing safe and compliant solutions to protect human health and the environment.  Our corporate program, Safety360, emphasizes the cycle of continuous improvement and provides the tools for employees to recognize and control the hazards surrounding them. Learn More

Does US Ecology have Sustainability efforts?

Our commitment to protecting human health and the environment is at the heart of what we do every day at US Ecology. We are committed to communicating our efforts to stakeholders and continuously challenge ourselves to become a leading example of how to minimize the impact we (and our customers) have on the environment, and preserve our precious natural resources. Learn More

How do I request Emergency Response service?

 24/7/365 Emergency Response (800) 899-4672

US Ecology offers unmatched capabilities, key resources and expertise performing 10,000+ responses every year. We are ready to help you with any type of emergency from small scale spills to catastrophic events. Our 24/7/365 hotline is ready to respond to your next emergency with nationwide coverage from 125+ locations throughout North America and a network of 5,000+ response subcontractor resources. We also have the world’s largest commercial OSRO (NRC) and industry-leading high hazard response provider (SRS) response services.

Does US Ecology provide treatment and disposal services?

Since 1952, US Ecology has provided safe and compliant solutions for complex waste management needs and ensured the effective management of the environmental risks our customers face.​ Our coast-to-coast network of TSDFs are positioned throughout North America.  They are located near industrial centers in the West, Northeast, Midwest and Gulf with a broad range of permits and acceptance criteria, infrastructure to support high volume transfer with truck and rail access. Learn More

  • Five Haz / Non-Haz Landfills (All Co-Located with Treatment)​
  • Ability to manage a wide range of liquid and solid waste streams​
  • Haz Inorganic Stabilization​
  • Organic Chemical Oxidation​
  • Corrosive Neutralization​
  • Oxidizer Deactivation​
  • Micro / Macro encapsulation​
  • Organic / Inorganic WWT​
  • Broad range of de-characterization and de-listing capabilities​
  • State-of-the-art air handling​
  • Three E&P landfills in Texas to support drilling waste generated by the oil and gas industry​
  • Radioactive Waste Landfill  (Class A, B, C)​
Does US Ecology provide industrial cleaning and maintenance services?

Our experienced workforce can provide turnkey services utilizing the most current technologies for Industrial cleaning and maintenance, vacuum transfer and pumping, facility decommissioning and closure, decontamination and demolition, asbestos/lead/PCB/mold abatement and disposal, and equipment rental. Learn More

What kind of recycling services does US Ecology offer?

US Ecology offers a wide variety of recycling solutions in order to meet the specific environmental goals of our customers. Generators across the country depend on us for our innovative treatment technologies, competitive prices, unsurpassed customer service, reliable transportation and lab services, and consistently proven results. We are a technological leader in the treatment of inorganic wastes and metals recycling services. Learn More

Who do I contact to schedule a service or pick up?

Providing our customers a best-in-class customer experience is fundamental to our mission of offering the industry's premier environmental and industrial services. Our team of highly trained customer service professionals is dedicated to this goal. We pride ourselves in providing responsive and knowledgeable service seeking to support our customers’ needs by engineering innovative solutions that you can trust. To schedule a service or pick-up, contact your Customer Service Representative or for General Customer Service inquiries call (800) 592-5489.


Does US Ecology have an online portal for my waste profiles and reporting?

Yes. COR (Customer Online Resource) is the industry’s leading online platform that allows you to efficiently manage your industrial services and environmental waste needs from any device. Create a login using your Customer ID# found in the Welcome email you received from your Customer Service Representative and start using it today! To learn more about COR click here.


How do I complete a waste profile form?

We encourage you to use our industry-leading online platform, Customer Online Resource (COR), which allows you easily complete a profile from any mobile device, click here to create a login using your Customer ID# found in the Welcome email you received from your Customer Service Representative, or contact Customer Service at (800) 592-5489 for assistance. 


What are US Ecology's Purchase Order (PO) requirements?

If you require a PO on invoices for payment, PO’s MUST be provided on each waste profile and/or at time of scheduling.  If your account is marked as “PO Required” and a PO is not provided at time of scheduling shipments may be placed on hold once on-site at our facility. Please send PO’s to your Customer Service Representative, or submit to


What are US Ecology's payment requirements?

Acceptable forms of payment include ACH, Wire and Business Check. 

  • ACH or Wire – Forms requiring completion of banking information such as the routing and bank account number should be emailed to          
  • Business Check - If credit has been approved, US Ecology will accept a business check. The US Ecology remit address is:  PO BOX 936227 Atlanta, GA 31193-6227
Can I pay my bill online?

At this time we are not able to facilitate online payments.

What if I need a W9 for payment?

If your organization requires a W9 for payment or another application, please send your request to

Can US Ecology submit my invoice online?

Yes. Please send your request to

Who can I contact with a question about US Ecology's valuable service offerings?

We offer a variety of tools, forms and customer resources that are designed to make managing your hazardous waste or response needs quicker and easier.

Contact Us

                Customer Service (800) 592-5489

                Emergency Response 24/7/365 Hotline (800) 899-4672

Who do I contact for pricing?

Contact Us

Customer Service (800) 592-5489

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Treatment and Disposal Services

US Ecology is the leader in hazardous waste treatment and disposal. Our nationwide network of Treatment and Disposal facilities offers simple, safe and cost-effective solutions for all your waste streams. We offer the widest range of waste disposal options and waste treatment capabilities in the industry. Our advanced treatment technologies, expert customer service and superior safety practices are unmatched. 

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Recycling Services

We provide Recycling Services for everything from Aircraft Deicing Fluid to Metals Recovery. Our customized recycling programs will fit your specific needs while meeting regulatory requirements and helping to protect the environment.


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Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services group can manage all of your industrial cleaning and maintenance needs efficiently and professionally including Equipment Cleaning, Gun Range Cleaning and Marine and Terminal Services. We operate with a fully trained and experienced staff, utilizing an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials to handle all levels and types of jobs. We are one of the top providers in the industry and deliver exceptional service nationwide.

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Field Services

Our Field Services group provides a large variety of services designed to assist you with your day-to-day environmental management needs including Transportation, Emergency Response Services, Retail Solutions, Total Waste Management, Lab Pack and Remediation support services. Our quality Field Services will exceed your expectations and ensure safety and compliance.

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Emergency Response Services

US Ecology maintains a constant state of readiness with certified experts and specialized equipment, providing unmatched 24/7/365 response coverage across North America for incidents of any scale and size. We serve public agencies and customers in various industries including transportation, chemical, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and insurance sectors.

All Locations

Our footprint of state of the art facilities allows us to safely and efficiently support all your environmental and emergency response needs. Learn more about our 130+ locations across North America and around the world.


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