Our Environmental Goals

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Reduce Greenhouse Gases

  • Complete baseline Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions estimate from transportation assets
  • Avoid 3 times the GHG emission generated from our operations through recycling activities by 2025
  • Reduce US Ecology’s direct GHG emissions by 30% by 2030
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Develop sustainable waste management solutions

  • Recycle >1m pounds of aerosols
  • Other various goals involving the deployment of Smarter Sorting and growth of recycling technology
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Maintain superior regulatory compliance

  • 93% pass rate for agency inspections
  • 95% pass rate on laboratory performance tests

Continuously reduce US Ecology’s environmental footprint

  • 100% of retail drivers using routing software providing full metric analysis
  • Invest in additional aerosol recycling capacity
  • Recover and reuse 100K drums

Our Social Responsibility Goals

Promote a culture of safety which results in zero injuries

  • Demonstrate year-over-year improvement of OSHA TRIR <1.55, DART <0.80, LTIR <0.40
  • Achieve preventable vehicle accident rate at or below 1 incident per million miles

Develop teams that reflect the communities in which we operate

  • Launch Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Committee
  • Facilitate inclusion and diversity training for managers and team members that fosters and promotes the Company’s culture and Shared Values
  • Improve engagement survey inclusion and diversity score by 3% through our I&D initiatives

Establish US Ecology as the employer of choice

  • Maintain voluntary turnover at 12% or lower
  • For business units with engagement scores less than 60%, improve scores by 5+% between 2020 and 2021
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Our Corporate Governance Goals

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Demonstrate a continual focus on meaningful disclosure

  • Develop environmental disclosure document consistent with SASB framework
  • Launch dedicated ESG web portal and publish 2020 ESG supplement report