Supplier Requirements

Supplier adherence to the basic requirements of US Ecology's supplier base will help garner your place as a US Ecology preferred supplier.

Supplier Qualifications Process

Completion and submittal to the US Ecology Purchasing Department of the following applicable Supplier Qualification Forms may qualify your company as a preferred supplier.

Supplier Supported Pricing

These 5 points are designed to provide ideas to suppliers to maximize sales of your product line to US Ecology.

Shipping Instructions

If your product is not going to be ready to ship for delivery by the promised date, it is your responsibility to call the US Ecology Purchasing Department as soon as the delay is known. Contact your assigned buyer to determine the mutually-agreeable revised delivery date.

Return of Goods

In the event US Ecology must return goods to a supplier, we will call for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

Invoicing Instructions

US Ecology's Terms and Conditions and contracts contain most of the invoicing instructions and information your company needs. Additional requirements can be found here.

All Locations

Our footprint of state of the art facilities allows us to safely and efficiently support all your environmental and emergency response needs. Learn more about our 130+ locations across North America and around the world.