Supplier/Subcontractor Certifications

Your certification programs (e.q. quality, environmental, safety, and diversity programs) are also a part of our continuing evaluation of our suppliers, in addition to discounted pricing, delivery, availability, error free invoicing, volume rebates, EDI capability, and services

Contractor/Supplier Insurance Certificates

Prior to commencement of work, suppliersĀ (including: contractors, subcontractors, transporters, consultants, and disposal companies) shall provide insurance certificates in at least the amounts specified in the sample forms below. Suppliers shall name EQ Holding Co., Inc and Affiliated Companies as an Additional Insurance on the General Liability and Automobile Liability polices. All coverages shall be primary and non-contributory, and include a Waiver of Subrogation in favor of EQ Holding Co. and Affiliated Companies.

New Supplier Credit

A Comprehensive Credit Information Sheet is available to you by contacting our purchasing office.

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