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Delivered by leading experts with first-hand knowledge of real life emergency situations, our consultancy and training services include emergency response planning, drill and exercise management, safety and health audits and a comprehensive range of training in the areas of oil spill and hazardous material response and emergency incident management. Utilizing unmatched expertise from real life experiences and a thorough focus on health and safety, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to creating, conducting and evaluating highly realistic training programs and exercises for our customers from a wide array of industries.

High Hazard Consultancy Services

Customers rely on the professionals at SRS, a US Ecology company, not only for training support, but also operational direction and experience driven actions to help resolve serious chemical incidents. These opportunities allow us to work with our customers to engineer response and prevention strategies before an event occurs. Consulting services are available for:

  • Industrial Firefighting
  • Expert Testimony for Incident Management and Site Operations
  • Case Study Development and Scientific Testing of Fire and Spill Behavior
  • PIH/TIH Cylinder and Container Management
  • Flammable Liquid Fire Suppression
  • Flammable/Compressed Gas Management
  • Chlorine: Emergency Response Guidelines and Product Handling
  • Compressed Gas Transfer Methodology and Practice
  • Alternative Fuel (LNG) Program Development

HazMat and Firefighting Training Courses

SRS staff includes sitting members of panels, committees and sub-committee positions for NFPA, TRANSCAER, DHS, DOT, and the Chlorine Institute. Training has been conducted for customers across North America in a variety of settings, with participants ranging from small groups to full workforces and thousands of responders. Courses are available for most HazMat and Firefighting related materials and are conducted by Certified Instructors.

  • Flammable Liquid Fire Response and Suppression
  • Foam Application Class A and B
  • Flammable/Compressed Gas Management
  • Cylinder Safety Identification, Product Management, Flaring, Purging and Render Safe
  • Chlorine Safety and Community Awareness
  • Compressed Gas Transfer Methodology and Practice
  • OSHA HAZWOPER 8-, 24- and 40-hour Initial, Refresher and Specialist
  • Confined Space Entrant, Attendant, Supervisor and Rescue
  • Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 200 and 300 Level
  • Railcar Awareness, Railcar Specialist, Railroad 101 and Community TRANSCAER
  • Ethanol Firefighting Specific Course
  • 8-hour Hospital First Receiver
  • Crude oil Firefighting Specific Course
  • Basic Firefighting Considerations Course
  • Confined Space Rescue Technician
  • Rail Car Specialist
  • Air Monitoring for Hazmat Tech / Specialist Level
  • Tank Truck Emergency Response
  • Chemical Specific Courses (e.g., CL2, NH3, HCL, etc.)
  • Bonding and Grounding for Emergency Response
  • Fire Extinguisher Use

Oil Spill Response and Compliance (OSRO) Consultancy Services

NRC, a US Ecology company, has an established record of delivering world-class training and consultancy services for high-risk industries across the globe. With first-hand knowledge of real life emergency situations, our services include emergency response planning, drill and exercise management, safety and health audits and a comprehensive range of training in the areas of oil spill and hazardous material response and emergency incident management. Training, safety equipment sales, and technical support is provided to customers globally.

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Plan Development, Review and Management

  • Facility Response Plans (EPA/USCG)
  • Facility Security Plans (USCG)
  • Integrated Response Plans
  • Tactical Response Plans (booming strategies, etc.)
  • SPCC Plans
  • OSHA Emergency Response Plans
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Procedures/Policy Manuals

Consultancy is available for:

  • Response Exercise Design, Delivery and Evaluation
  • Contingency Plan Development, Review and Management
  • Gap Analysis and Preparedness Audits
  • Risk Assessment and Facility Inspection

OSRO Training, Drills and Exercises

We recognize the invaluable benefit of employing highly experienced trainers, who are also responders, to deliver training courses or to facilitate tabletop exercises that prepare our clients for real emergencies. Our training and exercise programs focus on response management, compliance, command and control and functional needs.

Larger exercises or training events adhere to the USCG’s Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) as well as the Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines for Oil Pollution Act (OPA90) exercise development.

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Training – Our expert trainers provide a training curriculum that emphasizes incident response, recovery and regulatory compliance.

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Training
  • HAZWOPER 8-, 24- and 40-hour
  • Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 200, 300, 400 Level and Section Specific
  • Crisis Management/Crisis Communication
  • Qualified Individual/Incident Commander
  • Equipment Deployment/Boom Deployment and Response Strategies
  • Small Boat Handling
  • Oil Spill Response Specialized Courses (e.g. Aerial Surveillance, Tactical Response, Beachmaster, SCAT, Dispersant Operations, In-Situ Burning, Land Remediation, etc.)


Exercises – In addition to the design and facilitation of tabletop and functional exercises, our specialists offer assistance with event organization, meeting planning, pre-exercise training, coaching during the exercise, evaluation of the event, and preparation of all materials. All training and exercise events follow the NIMS/ICS structure.

  • Drill and Exercise Design and Management
  • Oil Spill, HAZMAT, Rail, Security (PREP/HSEEP)
  • Incident Management Team (IMT) Support
  • Development (Scenario, Objectives, Controller Manuals, Exercise Manuals, Exercise Reports, etc.)
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