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US Ecology Energy Waste Disposal (EWD) facilities are state-of-the-art, oil and gas-specific waste treatment, recovery and E&P waste disposal, oil drilling waste, fracking wastewater disposal operations ideally located and uniquely designed to serve all your waste disposal needs. Strategically located in some of the world’s most active oil and gas producing regions – the Eagle Ford Shale Play and the Permian Basin—our disposal facilities are helping E&P and service companies improve the efficiency and productivity of all operations. US Ecology’s safe, compliant turnkey services are available 24/7/365. Let us manage your oilfield waste disposal so you keep your E&P business operational and profitable.

Environmental Protection

Our Texas Railroad Commission permitted facilities have been designed and constructed to provide waste treatment, recovery and disposal in a manner that keeps human health and environment protection at the forefront of all decisions. The US Ecology EWD landfills specialize in drilling waste management and exceed current regulatory standards for similar facilities and feature:

  • Disposal cell design utilizes a 6-layer liner system, with primary and secondary 60 mil HDPE liners
  • The closure cap consists of 4-layer system that Includes an HDPE liner
  • Active leak detection system between liners
  • Four groundwater monitoring wells – one upgradient, three downgradient
  • Zero stormwater discharge site from all waste activities
  • All loads are weighed on truck scales and manifested
info graphic of what is inside of a landfill

Waste Accepted

Our Energy Waste Disposal facilities are designed and constructed exclusively for nonhazardous oil and gas waste streams, including but not limited to:

  • Oil and water-based fluids, muds and cuttings
  • Site clean-up and remediation materials
  • Gels, cements or other liquids containing solids
  • Pit liners and bottoms from washouts and reserve pits
  • Production and other tank bottoms
  • Frac sand and other production-related waste
mud coming off of an oil rig

Pecos County

pecos county landfill

Karnes County

karnes county landfill

Reagan County

reagan county landfill

Industry Experience

We serve a diverse group of customers in upstream and midstream markets, with a concentration in the Eagle Ford Shale Play of South Texas and the Permian Basin of West Texas. No matter how challenging the environment, or how quickly you need help, we want to be your first call for all of your upstream and midstream waste services, cleaning, environmental and day-to-day operational support needs.

It’s US Ecology’s mission to help customers maximize profitability and manage costs, reduce risk and enhance safety, adhere to industry regulations, increase production efficiencies and asset life, reduce downtime and take control of waste management challenges.

    With US Ecology as your partner, we will help you:

    • Maximize profitability, reduce costs and save money
    • Reduce risk and improve safety (HSE), ensure regulatory compliance, reduce lifetime waste stream exposure
    • Increase efficiencies production/performance, reduce non-productive time, increase uptime
    • Manage waste streams and focus more on core operations

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