Turnkey Environmental and Industrial Services for Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas Customers

Strategically located with multiple treatment, disposal and service centers facilities throughout the most active oil and gas producing regions of Eagle Ford and Permian Basins, US Ecology is the premier provider of comprehensive Energy Waste Solutions (EWS) for E&P companies needing a variety of energy waste transportation and equipment rental, cleaning, disposal and other industrial services. Our facilities offer turnkey oilfield disposal, oil rig waste recycling, and industrial services at any hour, day or night. Whether it be E&P waste, or fracking wastewater treatment, one phone call puts you in touch with experts at a company with over 65 years of experience ready to service all of your E&P needs to keep you safe, compliant and operating.

  • Fluid and Solids Waste Management and Removal

  • Rental Equipment

  • Equipment Cleaning Services

  • Hydrovac Services

  • Trucking

  • Facility Support and Roustabout Services

  • Oil and Gas Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment

  • Emergency and Standby Response

Fluid and Solids Waste Management and Removal

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US Ecology is a leading provider of environmental waste management services, delivering solutions for fluid and solids management and removal, waste disposal and treatment of a variety of E&P wastes.

Customers rely on US Ecology to deliver services quickly and safely. Our company has invested in Energy Waste Disposal landfills in Karnes, Pecos and Reagan counties, which gives E&P companies in the Eagle Ford and Permian Basins the most economical options for managing both liquid and solid waste.

NORM Mobile Decontamination from the Industry Leader

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Rental Equipment

No matter the location, the challenge, or time of day that you need it – we’re committed to making sure your sites have the support and equipment needed to keep operations running 24/7. US Ecology facilities provide the following rental options:

Frac tanks and pumps: US Ecology has one of the newest, most diverse and most extensive fleets of frac tanks and skid mounted fluid pumps in the business. Our frac tanks are designed to contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are vapor tight.

outside of a frac tank

Rail system: Our solution captures, stores and transports drill cuttings and produced sand generated by the well for disposal with track capable of managing up to four, 25-yard roll tarp boxes. This allows for continuous operations and maximum storage and transportation availability.  

rail system

Roll-off boxes and trash trailers: US Ecology’s fleet of trash trailers can be quickly staged as a cost-effective way to handle trash. We also handle hauling and off-site disposal needs.


Equipment Cleaning Services

Our teams of experienced cleaning technicians and high-performance, high-pressure cleaning equipment provide reliable, safe and quick oilfield equipment and heavy-duty vehicle cleaning services at your site, or at our landfills. Your customers will certainly notice oilfield machinery that looks neglected or dirty – so keep your reputation clean by working with us.

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Hydrovac Services

US Ecology’s hydro excavation services offer a non-mechanical, non-destructive, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective process that uses pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate oil and gas contaminated soils. Soil and water slurry is conveyed by a vacuum to a debris tank for treatment or disposal by US Ecology.

hydrovac truck


US Ecology’s extensive transportation fleet allows us to manage your energy waste from the point of generation all the way to final disposal, minimizing your cost and liability. Our wholly-owned fleet includes everything from: super sucker air machines, hydrovacs and vacuum trucks, to winch trucks and roll-off trailers. We are capable of handling any volume of waste from drums, to large scale environmental remediation projects. We ensure full compliance with DOT, and EPA regulations from the time of pick up to the arrival at our facility for disposal. We are committed to providing you with the safest and most cost effective transportation services in the industry.

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Facility Support and Roustabout Services

Our roustabouts can really do it all. Seasoned crews handle general wellsite upkeep and maintenance services, and their knowledgeable hands are available to look after pumps, monitor tank levels, mob and demob equipment and provide general facility and oilfield lease oversight. Our roustabout crews keep your locations clean and orderly – but most of all, safe.

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Oil and Gas Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment

US Ecology operates domestic wastewater treatment facilities specifically focused on wastewater generated on well site locations. With TCEQ licensed facilities open 24/7 throughout Texas and New Mexico including the Eagle Ford and Permian basins, we take the risk and burden from other ineffective or risky onsite treatment options off the operators and housing companies and let you focus on improving production safely and efficiently. Learn More                                          

outside of a waste water treatment building

Emergency and Standby Response

As the world’s leading provider of commercial environmental and industrial services, US Ecology is the only truly global, end-to-end emergency, spill and high hazard response solution provider. Our world renowned emergency response experts are highly trained and ready to respond anywhere you need them to manage all energy waste spills or incidents. Learn More

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