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US Ecology has been providing equipment rentals to industrial transporters, manufacturers, automotive suppliers, chemical processers, refineries, power plants and many other industries for over 16 years.


We can deliver the following units to your site usually by the next day:

•    Frac, Weir and Mixer Tanks

•    Vacuum, De-Watering and Roll-Off Boxes

•    Trailer Mounted Pumps


All units are thoroughly inspected upon return so that any needed repairs can be made before it is rented again. This ensures that you will receive quality equipment each and every time.


Our capabilities have expanded to include rental services in the Gulf Coast, Great Lakes, Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada including the Maritime provinces.

Available Rental Equipment

US Ecology is the parent company of Stablex Canada, one of North America's leading providers of final disposal and treatment of hazardous waste and contaminated soil.  Using internationally recognized technology, we provide industrial and commercial customers with scientifically sound and environmentally secure waste management solutions and the most advanced tank storage equipment rental in the field.

Frac Tank

21,000 Gallon Liquid Storage Frac Tank (79,493 Litre)

• Lifting Logs

• Vapor Recovery Capabilities

• Mini Tanks Available

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25 cubic yard vacuum box

25 Cubic Yard Vacuum Box (19 Metre)

• Liquid-Tight

• Maximize Efficiencies

• Consolidate Vac Truck Loads

• One Top Man Way

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weir tank

18,000 Gallon Open Top Weir Tank (68,137 Litre)

• No Set Up Required

• Three Side Man-Ways for Easy Clean-Out

• Mini Tanks Available

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de-watering box

25 Cubic Yard Sludge De-Watering Box (19 Metre)

• Reduce Storage, Transportation and Disposal Costs

• Retractable Tarp and Cross-Bows

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cubic yard box

25 Cubic Yard Box (19 Metre)

• Sealed Liquid-Tight Roll-Off

• Retractable Tarp and Cross-Bows

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mini mixer tank

8,000 Gallon Mini Mixer Tank (30,282 Litre)

• ESA Approved Control Panels

• TSSA Approved Steam Coils

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four motor mixer tank

18,000 Gallon Four-Motor Mixer Tank (68,137 Litre)

• Smooth Wall

• Round Bottom

• Three Side Man-Ways for easy Clean-Out

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Storage Tank Equipment Rental Services in Canada


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