Renowned Response Specialists for Highly Hazardous and Volatile Events

SRS, a US Ecology company, provides international response services for highly hazardous and volatile events such as train derailments, well and pipeline emergencies, ship fires, over-the-road incidents, industrial fires, clandestine drug labs and WMD events and drills. SRS personnel are renowned for their expertise in managing large scale emergencies involving all classes of hazardous materials and dangerous goods. 

Our experts maintain either paramedic or EMT certification as well as other certifications that exceed OSHA requirements. Through the association of specialized organizations, institutions, and advocacy groups, SRS personnel maintain current knowledge and skills and continue the lines of communication with other specialists in the industry.  

  • High Hazard Response and Standby   

  • Toxic Chemical Response Expertise 

  • Firefighting  

  • Reactive / Explosive Material Management 

  • Compressed Gas Management  

  • TIH/PIH Materials Management

High Hazard Emergency Response and Standby Services

SRS personnel have over 30 years of experience working on response teams together. Performing an average of 30 to 50 full-scale responses a year, SRS crews have successfully responded to thousands of highly hazardous materials incidents and numerous major train derailments and events across varying terrain, geographies and climates. 

  • Emergency Response and Management of Highly Hazardous Materials  

  • Large ICS Support 

  • Confined Space Rescue and Standby 

  • Toxic Chemical Response 

  • Class A and B Poisons 

  • Railroad Incidents and Derailments 

  • Well and Pipeline Emergencies 

  • Facility Fires and Explosions 

  • Wildland Fire Support 

  • WMD Events and Drills 

Railroad crash with smoke


two fire people putting out a fire

Our experts have successfully extinguished hundreds of burning tank cars containing flammable liquid, and managed hundreds of compressed gas tank car incidents that were transferred, flared, purged, hot tapped or control burned.  Each case required thorough risk assessment, safety planning, and scientific and practical experience in the development of sound firefighting/response strategies employed successfully at each event. 

In addition to response and incident support, standby fire brigade, post incident support and industrial fire equipment manufacturing, SRS Industrial Firefighting specialists offer numerous training courses and consultancy services. 

TIH / PIH Materials Management

Every year, SRS performs 200+ chlorine transfers and 1,000+ connections without release or exposure, performing weekly routine chlorine transfers at multiple water facilities. SRS is an Associate member of the Chlorine Institute and a verified Level III Emergency Response Contractor in the CHLOREP program. Level III Contractors are chosen for their knowledge and capabilities to respond to critically damaged Chlorine, Vinyl Chloride and mission chemical containers. 

Rail response

Compressed Gas Management

two men working on top of a train

SRS’s experience with compressed gas management includes responses to incidents involving LPG, anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, vinyl chloride monomer, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and many other compressed gas materials. Expertise also includes management of containers and strategic fire suppression activities on burning LPG tanks, tank cars, cylinders and fixed facility fires. 

Reactive / Explosive Material Management

SRS supports customers and internal operations across the country with explosive material identification, development of handling strategies, disposal options and safe transport or removal from buildings and locations. 

one fireman and two people in silver hazmat suits

Training and Consultancy

people in hazmat suits standing together on concrete
steam coming out of a trailer, people in hazmat suits looking inside

Specialized Equipment Design and Fabrication

SRS maintains a distinguished fleet of sophisticated response equipment, and takes great pride in the custom design, development and fabrication of specialty tools, vehicles and equipment. SRS designs specific pieces to address the individual needs and requirements of customers, including a range of response trailers and vehicles, mobile command units, utility vehicles, transfer trailers, air monitoring/decontamination units, product specific transfer hoses, pumps, compressors, custom outfitted breathing air trailers, foam application units, as well as specialized reactive/explosive material handling equipment and vehicles. 

Portable Firefighting Foam Units

water spraying from equipment

Our portable firefighting units provide plenty of flexibility and fire power to your arsenal. Each unit is available with a variety of options, which allow you to custom order to suit your needs. 

High Rail UTV Unit

equipment that can go on rails of a railroad

The high rail unit is available with a variety of options, enabling our clients to design and customize their UTV to suit their needs. 

Breathing Air / Safety Trailers

air trailers

Top of the line and full customization to meet any specification, standard, industry, and/or geographical need.


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