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NRC, now a US Ecology company, was founded in 1991 to support the compliance needs of customers following the enactment of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90), formalized to provide increased regulatory authority over navigable waters, outline response capabilities requirements and enforce stringent standards for the maritime transportation industry.

Today, we are the leading commercial OSRO and the only private contractor to hold MMPD, WCD1, WCD2 and WCD3 classifications from the United States Coast Guard, meeting federal oil spill response requirements in the Inland, Rivers/Canals and Ocean environments. We offer unparalleled marine and land response capabilities to customers in a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Ports and Maritime Shipping, Industrial, Power Generation, Aviation and Rail, and Government and Military.

Fast, effective and compliant services to minimize environmental and operational impact. 


The Leader in Oil Spill Response Solutions

  • Customized Land and Marine Response and Standby Programs
  • Incident Response, Management and Clean-up
  • Offshore Containment and Recovery
  • Establishment/Management of Response Centers (ICS) and Teams
  • Mobile Command Post
  • Approved AMPD Services
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Prepositioned and Ready to Respond. Anytime, Anywhere.

  • USCG approved OSRO meeting all vessel and facility oil spill response capability requirements for all regions
  • Unmatched response personnel qualifications
  • 24/7 International Operations Center (IOC)
  • Nationwide Network of Specialized Response Subcontractors
  • Extensive fleet and inventory of oil spill response equipment positioned across U.S. and globally for immediate response
  • More major spill responses and simultaneous events managed than any other OSRO
  • Tier 3 Response Bases in the U.S. stocked with pre-identified HVLP, Shoreline and Offshore equipment
  • Tier 2 Response Bases in Paraíso and Altamira, Mexico
  • Stockpiled Dispersant in the U.S.
  • Prepositioned aircraft

17,000+ Vessels Covered for OPA90 Compliance 

680+ Facilities Covered for OPA90 Compliance 

5,000+ Global Response Resources 

International Operations Center (IOC)

As the nerve center of operations and primary Command Center for coordinating response activities, the IOC is the focal point for activation, documentation, tracking and mobilization of resources, manned 24/7/365 by seasoned Duty Officers and Response Coordinators.

Using a global resources database system, the IOC can quickly identify and dispatch emergency response and hazardous material resources from anywhere in the country and throughout international operating regions. This organizational structure and pool of available resources allows US Ecology to mount a massive response, as necessary, through the cascading of personnel and equipment to the site of the incident.

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Respected and renowned around the world, NRC, a US Ecology Company has an unmatched record of successfully delivering end-to-end solutions even under the most challenging conditions, from preparation through response and remediation. Since inception, we have responded to more major spills than any other national OSRO, averaging 40 major events each year. Our experienced crews have been involved in some of history’s most notable disasters, including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Refinery Explosions
  • Offshore and Onshore Oil Spills
  • Maritime Collisions
  • Fires 


Our dedicated staff includes industry-leading Subject Matter Experts such as On-Scene Commanders, Incident Managers, Beach Masters and Aerial Surveillance Specialists. Our strategically prepositioned fleet includes Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRV), Oil Spill Response Barges (OSRB), shallow water portable barge sets, high capacity skimming systems, ocean and inland boom, inland work boats, vacuum transfer units and mobile communications centers. Contracted customers have access to an additional vessel fleet of more than 2,000 offshore vessels and supply boats worldwide through our Independent Contractor Network (ICN).

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Tier 2 Bases Supporting Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

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Global response capabilities make us uniquely qualified to provide customers with Tier 2 and Tier 3 response services in the Gulf of Mexico. With two strategically located Tier 2 bases in Altamira (Port of Tampico) and Paraíso (Port of Dos Bocas), NRC Mexico is positioned with response personnel, equipment and aerial dispersants ready to support our E&P clients with operations in the GOM.


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