Preparedness: The Key to Limiting Operational Impact

US Ecology has 30 years of emergency response experience backed by 70 years of environmental services leadership. Our experts work to support customers in various industries by developing custom emergency response plans and equipment packages that suit your needs. Using innovative technologies, we actively apply protection measures to buildings, bridges and other structures before wildfire push through.  

Risk Evaluation

Specialized Equipment Design and Fabrication

We maintain a distinguished fleet of sophisticated response equipment, and take great pride in the custom design, development and fabrication of specialty tools, vehicles and equipment. Customizable to meet any specification, standard, industry and geographical need, our top-of-the-line units and expertly equipped trailers offer an additional layer of protection. They can be placed on-site at your facility or in remote locations where wildfire most likely push through. 

Portable Firefighting Foam Units

Portable Firefighting Foam Unit 

High Rail UTV Unit

High Rail UTV Unit

Safety Trailer

Breathing Air/Safety Trailer

Wildfire Response

We stand ready 24/7 and quickly mobilize the right resources wherever they are needed. With a primary goal of protecting your workforce and the environment while limiting risk and operational impact, our team of expert firefighters protects your assets and will get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Managing Recovery Needs So You Get Back To Business

In the aftermath of a wildfire, we understand the importance of recovery and getting operations back up and running as fast as possible. US Ecology leads the industry in reliability and efficiency, with the fastest mobilization times and best available resources. Our experienced crews manage the cleanup and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous material and debris, providing exceptional service that ensures all work is done thoroughly, safely and in compliance with all regulations. We have supported cleanup efforts for dozens of wildfires, including nine major disasters:


  • North Complex Fire
  • Slater fire
  • Zogg fire
  • Thomas Fire
  • Camp Fire
  • Sheep Creek Fire
  • Dixie Fire
  • Carr Fire
  • Blue Ridge Fire
  • Holiday Farm Fire

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