Total Waste Management

Management, tracking and reporting of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams across facilities through a single point of contact. Experts identify and implement strategies to reduce environmental impact and costs while assuring compliance.

Retail Solutions

Dedicated Retail teams work with you to reduce waste, achieve compliance and maximize efficiencies in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Less Than Truckload

Our DOT-certified Technicians drive an extensive network of nationwide Less Than Truckload (LTL) service routes to support customers with small quantity waste management needs.

Lab Pack Services

A time saving and cost-effective service performed by certified Field Chemists for the identification and disposal of unneeded, out-of-date or unknown chemicals at educational institutions and industrial companies.


Household hazardous waste collection services are provided on behalf of numerous municipalities across the country. Residents have an opportunity to safely recycle items not typically accepted by traditional curbside residential pick-up services.

Remediation Solutions

Remediation projects from start to finish offer you the only integrated environmental remediation service and waste disposal package in the industry.  

Emergency Response Services

Rapid deployment of experienced and certified experts. Specialized equipment throughout North America to respond to any spill, natural disaster or accident 24/7/365.

Decontamination Services

US Ecology has a proven track record with decades of experience in dealing with health crises of all sizes. Our mission to protect human health and the environment is what drives each of our team members to deliver service excellence every day.

High Hazard and Rail Response (SRS)

SRS, a US Ecology company, provides international response services for highly hazardous and volatile events such as train derailments, well and pipeline emergencies, ship fires, over-the-road incidents, industrial fires, clandestine drug labs, and WMD events and drills.

Oil Spill Response and Compliance Services

We offer unparalleled marine and land response capabilities to customers in a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Ports and Maritime Shipping, Industrial, Power Generation, Aviation and Rail, and Government and Military.

Disaster Response and Recovery Services

US Ecology leads the industry in reliability and efficiency, with the fastest mobilization times and best available resources. Our experienced crews provide exceptional service throughout each step of a response, ensuring all work is done thoroughly, safely and in compliance with all regulations. 

Consultancy and Training

Our consultancy and training services include emergency response planning, drill and exercise management, safety and health audits and a comprehensive range of training in the areas of oil spill and hazardous material response and emergency incident management.

Hurricane Response and Recovery Page

Our seasoned crews have helped thousands of customers in the wakes of some of the most devastating storms ever to make landfall including Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Sandy, Harvey, Irma and Michael. With fully equipped service centers throughout the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coast, US Ecology has significant resources on standby for immediate deployment to impacted areas.

US Ecology Merges with the NRC Family of Companies

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