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Total Waste Management (TWM) programs offer large industrial companies with multiple, expansive manufacturing facilities a turnkey, centralized waste management solution that reduces cost and waste while making progress toward specific environmental and sustainability goals. US Ecology's dedicated, industry experts within our Managed Services Group (MSG) manage all of our customers' waste streams across all facilities, gathering data and utilizing industry expertise to standardize processes and provide broad visibility into performance and waste needs.

Our customized Total Waste Management programs are tied to your specific environmental goals. Reduce cost, minimize waste, have more and better data to manage your program and improve sustainability as you consolidate management of your waste with one vendor, and one single point of contact. As the proven leader, US Ecology can meet all you environmental needs. 

Our customers highly value the strategic partnership approach our MSG team takes with them. We strive to help you be successful in achieving all your environmental and financial goals. Backed by over 65 years of environmental experience and a nationwide network of self-owned treatment and disposal facilities, US Ecology has the expertise and capabilities to help you manage all your environmental needs. 

Our Process

US Ecology manages, tracks and reports all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams across all your facilities through a single point of contact. Once establishing a standardized and consolidated view of your waste data, we implement strategies to reduce environmental impact and costs while assuring compliance. Annual cost and volume reduction targets are included in a written performance improvement plan to measure progress. With a track record of creating innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your waste streams, we will define specific solutions that meet your needs. 

The Value of a TWM Program

There are a variety of benefits of a TWM program that are worth considering. Strong TWM programs are typically tailored closely to individual company needs to provide maximum return on investment (ROI), but, in general, you can expect to benefit from several of the following factors.

Improved Compliance and Risk Reduction

Relying on an experienced single source and single point of contact for management of transportation, disposal and recycling of hazardous, nonhazardous, special and universal waste can reduce risk related to lack of uniformity in waste management practices. Employees at a waste management company like US Ecology, for instance, are highly qualified, trained and well-supported, with decades of experience handling even the most complex hazardous waste streams. As a result, they can ensure indemnification and compliance with all regulations related to consolidating waste management functions.

Cost Savings

There are several ways that a TWM program can save companies money. First, waste management companies with broad networks have strong negotiating power with vendors, and thus, they can often save on costs associated with transportation, disposal or recycling through brokered deals. Also, a TWM provider like US Ecology actively looks for additional waste reduction opportunities and process efficiencies throughout the course of a contract term, relying on gathered data to find ways to streamline operations. Simply by having a comprehensive view of standardized waste management practices across an organization, a TWM provider can recognize opportunities for savings that may previously have gone unnoticed.

Goal Progress Tracking

Besides saving money and avoiding fines, a TWM program can create a path toward realization of sustainability goals. Whether “zero landfill” is an objective or not, TWM program providers can help companies gain a comprehensive grasp on their waste management situations while also generating and analyzing the data necessary to create or measure against key performance indicators laid out in corporate sustainability initiatives. They can even provide initial waste audits and analysis to establish a baseline if waste management data is unavailable, and they can also implement and manage a waste tracking system once a TWM program is underway.

Creative Solutions

The biggest benefit of a TWM program is sometimes simply having access to the deep knowledge of experts whose core competency is complex waste management. These experts can not only identify opportunities for improvement of internal processes and structures that are causing slowdowns/inefficiency, but they can advise on innovative means of recycling or disposing of waste in a manner that saves money and reduces liability.

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