The Most Sustainable Aerosol Waste Recycling Solution in the U.S.

US Ecology is proud to be the first and only company in the U.S. offering patent-pending Aerosol Recycling Technology (ART) for aerosol waste that produces recyclable metal, reusable alternative and liquid fuels, and is landfill free with zero emissions.  

Combined with state-of-the-art patent-pending technologies, US Ecology’s aerosol recycling system is the most sustainable solution in the U.S. Our fully enclosed process is equipped with oxygen monitoring sensors to protect the environment, and the health and safety of our certified professionals operating the system.  

Watch the ART Process:

  1. Cans transferred into hopper featuring an airtight inert chamber 
  2. Under vacuum, cans compacted to produce dry metal bricks for multi-purpose recycling
  3. Liquid product and gas propellant 100% captured and separated by vacuum and compression technology to produce reusable alternative fuel
  4. Patented technologies further compress gas propellant into purified recyclable liquid fuel, similar to Liquid Petroleum gas  

What Sets Our Technology Apart?

The unique, patent-pending technology developed by US Ecology’s team turns discarded aerosol waste into new, compatible end products that can recirculate into the market for a broad array of reuse to safely fuel the future.

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