Keeping Mercury out of the Environment

The End of Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation (ELVS), in partnership with US Ecology, encourages automotive salvage facilities to remove and recycle mercury switches prior to scrapping a vehicle. This program supports the auto industry's belief that the most important step that can be taken to reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment from motor vehicles is to have the mercury switches removed at the vehicle's end-of-life. The ELVS program provides resources for automotive salvage facilities to recycle mercury switches in a compliant and cost free manner.

US Ecology supplies automotive salvage facilities with storage buckets for the collection of the mercury switches. These buckets contain all applicable training materials and necessary return shipping documents. The facility removes the switches and places them in the provided bucket. They ship the full collection bucket to US Ecology utilizing the UPS label provided. US Ecology then facilitates the recycling of the mercury switches.

car assembly line

Car chassis being produced.

Mercury Switch Collection Kits

Order your free Mercury Switch Collection Bucket Kit by contacting US Ecology at (800) 495-6059 or Provide your contact information and the bucket size (small or large) you need. A collection bucket kit will be shipped to you via UPS.

Please Note: Replacement buckets are not provided automatically. To receive a replacement bucket, contact US Ecology at (800) 495-6059 or 10 days before you ship us your full collection bucket. Provide your contact information and the replacement bucket size (small or large) you need. A replacement bucket will be shipped to you via UPS.

Important News: The ELVS Program has been extended through December 31, 2021.

ELVS is a nationally recognized program for recovering mercury switches from scrap cars and light trucks prior to shredding. In operation since 2005, ELVS has facilitated the recycling of over 7 million mercury convenience light switches, containing a total of over 7.5 tons of mercury. The program  recycled that mercury, preventing it from potentially being emitted into the environment. Automakers phased out the use of these mercury switches in new vehicles after the 2002 model year. ELVS also provides educational outreach and promotes vehicle recycling and proper management of substances of concern. 

The ELVS program can be reached at (877) 225-ELVS or for further information.

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