Pack Back Recycling Program

Have questions on how battery or light bulb recycling should be handled for your company? Let us help you do the right thing for the environment, comply with regulations and simplify your life by utilizing our Pack Back Recycling Program. 

Compliance and Regulations

Federal and state universal waste regulations contain specific instructions regarding all phases of recycling including:

  • Handling
  • Tracking
  • Storage
  • Documenting
  • Labeling
  • Training
  • Shipping

Packaging? Scheduling? Shipping? Instructions? It's all taken care of.

The US Ecology Pack Back Recycling program is pre-paid and includes shipping to and from your door via common carrier.  When the box is full and securely taped with the return shipping label exposed, simply place it where the designated shipper normally picks up your packages.  All orders, shipping records and boxes can be tracked through US Ecology's online system.

Pack Back Boxes aligned from biggest to smallest