Thermal Treatment Technology for non-hazardous contaminated waste for all Alaskan industries. US Ecology provides regulatory compliant thermal treatment of non-hazardous contaminated soils and sediments in Alaska. We provide our customers a compliant, environmentally safe, and cost effective solution for, treating and disposing of materials contaminated with petroleum, oil and lubricants through thermal treatment technology. In short, US Ecology’s Thermal Treatment is a premier contaminated soil management solution for Alaskan’s by Alaskans.

thermal treatment facility

Thermal Treatment Equipment

US Ecology uses a proven high temperature thermal oxidizer that consistently remediates any level of hydrocarbon contamination, all while accomplishing superior clean up levels with a wet scrubber that assures air quality levels nearly five times cleaner than stringent Alaskan Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) regulations. Our Thermal Treatment returns clean soil available for reuse or resell.

Lined Storage and Treatment Areas

With approximately two acres of lined storage and treatment areas, contaminated material is stored on site, placed on a membrane liner and, in accordance with ADEC guidelines and is covered until treated.

Our Thermal Treatment technology accepts several types of non-hazardous waste, including:

  • Non-Hazardous Petroleum
  • PFAS/PFOA Contaminated Soil and Sediment
  • Treatable Granular Media
thermal treatment diagram of machine

Our Thermal Treatment has been featured in Alaska Business magazine

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