Converts Hazardous Inorganic Wastes into Non-hazardous Delisted Residuals

Once your waste is delisted, it is no longer considered RCRA hazardous. This declassification reduces your liability and minimizes other long-term risks associated with hazardous waste disposal. US Ecology is the only commercial treatment company in the U.S. that is EPA authorized to delist 15 inorganic hazardous wastes. Delisting can be used on waste generated from both specific and nonspecific sources. 

Wastes that may be delisted include those designated under the land ban rules with the following codes:

K002 – K008     K062    F006 – F008    F011    F012    F019    

The Delisting Process

The delisting process involves conducting a series of reactions using wastes and reagents to neutralize the waste, precipitate the metals and create insoluble metal compounds. Throughout the process, data integrity is crucial. Elaborate and highly redundant detailed testing procedures ensure that all material leaving each US Ecology facility is in strict accordance with the delisting authorization granted by the EPA.  

Once the treatment residue has passed closely monitored quality control procedures it can be shipped to a non-hazardous landfill for proper disposal. Documentation is then sent to the EPA showing the laboratory test results and place of final disposal. The generator also receives a certificate demonstrating that the waste has been rendered non-hazardous.   

Benefits of Delisting

Delisting standards are much more aggressive than the standards for normal waste treatment. We take responsibility for properly treating the waste, which gives you long term security that no one else can offer. Our insurance and indemnification programs stand behind our delisting process.

Delisting offers significant economic advantages. Waste that has been delisted can be sent to a non-hazardous landfill – a less expensive, generally more available alternative to hazardous waste landfills.     

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