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US Ecology is the leader for landfill disposal solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams including PFAS, PCBs, NORM/TENORM radioactive, inorganic, metal and industrial waste.

We offer safe and secure disposal solutions for a wide variety of processed and remedial  hazardous waste streams throughout North America. Our TSCA permitted landfills in the United States can accept PCB contaminated wastes with concentrations above 50 ppm. Easily accessible by truck or rail, we provide flexible waste management solutions for all your remediation and waste needs. At some locations, waste is transferred from customer trucks to our dedicated in-cell equipment via a transfer station within the cell itself.   

By working together with our industry experts, you will experience unequaled service excellence and trust that we will manage your waste safety and responsibly. 

Our environmentally safe and compliant landfill features include:

  • Accepts several hundred waste codes 
  • On-site laboratory providing analytical services 
  • Extensive leak detection and groundwater monitoring systems 
  • Certified rail delivery available 
  • Air monitoring   
  • RCRA permitted 
  • TSCA permitted 
  • NORM/TENORM permitted 
  • Waste profiling
  • Secure containment technologies  

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