Safe, Compliant and Cost-effective Disposal Solutions for TSCA Waste

US Ecology offers safe, compliant and cost-effective solutions for PCB hazardous waste disposal. Our TSDFs are easily accessible to most industrial centers by truck and rail. Stringent approvals and waste-handling procedures that exceed TSCA regulatory requirements make us your safe and reliable PCB disposal service choice.


  • Solid PCBs
  • Solid PCBs with free liquids
  • Mixed RCRA/TSCA - PCBs must meet applicable LDRs
  • PCB Articles



  • PCB contaminated waste > 50 ppm  


  • Solid PCBs
  • Liquid PCBs
  • PCB Articles



  • US Ecology Idaho
  • US Ecology Michigan
  • US Ecology Nevada
  • US Ecology Texas


  • Solids – sludge, paint chips, caulking, pipe wrap/piping, PPE
  • Bulk Remediation Waste – soil, debris
  • Liquid PCBs
  • Fluorescent Light Ballasts
  • Capacitors
  • Transformers
  • PCB Containers
  • PCB Equipment
  • PCB Articles

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