Uniquely Positioned Throughout North America to Safely Manage PFAS Contaminated Waste

With 70 years of experience providing environmental solutions throughout North America, US Ecology is proud to be the industry leader with the technology and expertise to help you manage per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) waste needs. Achieve compliance and peace of mind with safe and secure solutions that isolate the PFAS molecule and end the mobility cycle.

Our teams of experts work closely with federal and state regulators to assess the evolving regulatory framework surrounding PFAS management, and develop solutions to protect the environment from PFAS contaminants, also known as the "forever chemical". We provide safe, viable and permanent waste management options customized to fit your needs and stop additional future contamination:

  • Secure disposal in arid climate Subtitle C landfills with zero leachate discharge
  • Underground deep-well injection for liquid and liquid phase waste
  • Thermal, carbon filtration, ion exchange or resin filtration systems capable of meeting water quality standards set by local POTWs
  • Turnkey PFAS remediation, transportation and additional hazardous waste disposal solutions

Comprehensive Remediation Solutions for PFAS-Contaminated Soil

With significant federal funding available for site remediation of PFAS-contaminated soils through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, US Ecology alongside environmental engineering and consulting firms are utilizing a partnership approach to mitigate risk and provide expert project management.

We are committed to protect and improve the environment by providing sustainable and innovative solutions to manage and safely dispose of PFAS-contaminated waste. Our unequaled customer service combined with the integrity of our team has earned US Ecology the trust and confidence of government, private sector and engineering firms. We manage remediation projects from start to finish and offer the only integrated environmental services and disposal package in the industry.

Our Arid Climate Subtitle C Landfills Offer Long-Term, Secure Disposal Options for PFAS with Zero Discharge

US Ecology’s disposal sites in Grand View, ID and Beatty, NV offer the securities of RCRA Subtitle C landfill design and construction with the added natural protections of being in remote desert locations with negative amounts of annual net precipitation and extremely low humidity. Both facilities are strategically located in states that highly support the operations as necessary assets to address to support environmental cleanup projects throughout the country. 

US Ecology’s Beatty and Grand View Subtitle C disposal cells meet the following required design criteria:

  • Double or triple synthetic liners
  • Multiple leachate collection and removal systems
  • Leak detection systems
  • Run on, runoff, and wind dispersal controls
  • Construction quality assurance program

The design, construction and quality assurance requirements of Subtitle C landfills offer the most stringent performance capabilities to prevent waste from impacting the environment. As a result, PFAS contaminated waste disposed of in US Ecology’s arid climate landfills end the mobility cycle with containment with zero discharge. Subtitle C landfill cell requirements are shown below.

a graphic explaining how a landfill works

US Ecology’s Subtitle C Landfill Design

PFAS Deep-well Injection Solutions

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Accepted PFAS Waste Streams

  • Contaminated soils, rinsates, sludges and groundwater
  • Aqueous film-forming (AFFF) concentrates and firefighting foam
  • Solid or liquid remediation waste and debris
  • Liquid phase
  • Filter cake and water treatment media
  • Landfill leachate
  • Industrial by-products from plating, finishing, manufacturing and other sectors
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History of PFAS

Per- and Polyfluoroalky substances (PFAS) have been produced in the US since the 1940s and are used in a wide variety of products and applications. PFAS compounds are persistent in the environment and resistant to environmental degradation. The potential bioaccumulation of PFAS is an on-going concern and EPA continues to assess, monitor and regulate PFAS chemicals in soils and drinking water nationwide.

EGLE PFAS solutions

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