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US Ecology services a wide range of companies nationwide who depend on us for our innovative treatment technology, competitive prices, unsurpassed customer service, reliable transportation and proven results. We offer the largest waste treatment and disposal capacity in the industry and specialize in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management. 

Wastes are treated by a series of chemical and physical processes that destroy or remove hazardous constituents at one of our many waste treatment plants. Various treatment methods are used to safely and compliantly manage incoming waste streams: dissolution, reduction, stabilization, filtration, microencapsulation, delisting, oxidation and solidification.

Treatment Processes:

Wastes containing organic contaminates are treated via chemical oxidation, a process that breaks down the organic material. We have the only facility in the United States with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) air management system, required to manage high VOC wastes regulated by RCRA.

Hazardous debris streams are managed using microencapsulation. This process reduces the leachability of hazardous constituents so the material can be safely disposed of in a RCRA subtitle C landfill.

We use a pozzolonic stabilization process to treat metal bearing wastes. This process decharacterizes the waste so that it can be disposed of in a non-hazardous subtitle D landfill for disposal.

Our delisting treatment process involves conducting a series of reactions using wastes and reagents to neutralize the waste, precipitate the metals and create insoluble metal compounds. As a result RCRA hazardous waste liabilities are eliminated and other long-term risks associated with disposal are minimized. 

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