The Latest Treatment Technologies

US Ecology provides comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater management solutions in an environmentally safe and cost effective manner. In order to provide you with the best treatment systems available, we are continually researching and developing the latest wastewater treatment technologies.


Our facilities can accept wastewater by container, tanker truck or rail.  Full service laboratory services and technical support are available to help you meet your waste characterization needs.


If you have wastewaters containing metal, acid, base, organic, cyanide, suspended solids, petroleum contaminated water, latex wastewater, water based paints, industrial process wastes or tank rinse waters – we can help. We also accept all types and concentrations of used oil for recycling with the ability to turn that waste into a reusable resource.  

Wastewater Services:

●    Physical, chemical, biological treatment

●    Oil-water separation

●    Dissolved air floatation technology

●    Internal tank wash capabilities

●    Anaerobic digestion

●    Aerobic treatment

●    Filter press

●    Rail car tanker washout capabilities

●    Large capacity at multiple locations    

Oil and Gas Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Pump and Haul Oilfield Sewage Waste Solutions in Texas

US Ecology's subsidiary company, Quail Run Services, operates domestic wastewater treatment facilities specifically focused on treating wastewater generated on well site locations. Our TCEQ licensed facilities are open 24/7 throughout Texas and New Mexico including in the Eagle Ford and Permian basins, and put you in full compliance of state and local regulations. This turnkey service removes your need to secure permits and reduces the exposure of domestic waste to workers, further protecting the health and safety of your personnel at drilling and completions locations.

The Clean Choice for Domestic Wastewater Treatment

  • Reduce liability for your raw sewage and domestic wastewater
  • Improve worker safety and reduce exposure to health risks
  • Save time and money with no permitting paperwork required
  • Fast and efficient – typically in and out within 20 minutes
  • Completely TCEQ compliant
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Quail Run Waste Water Treatment

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