Watch our video to understand the benefits of the US Ecology and Smarter Sorting partnership. Together, we help retailers remain compliant, save money and achieve their ESG goals.



Retailers and brands must follow all safety, health, transportation, disposal and sustainability regulations across the supply chain to remain compliant to minimize fines, improve employee safety and reduce environmental impact. US Ecology has helped retailers achieve compliance through the decades with our premier environmental waste solutions, but better data has become available from our partnership with Smarter Sorting that offers greater options to achieve sustainability and reduce generator status. 



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The Product Genome™ is the Smarter Sorting database–and the world’s most complete set of physical attributes, chemical composition and classification rules—over 456 billion data points—on millions of regulated consumer products.


The Product Intelligence Platform™ is the Smarter Sorting cloud-based decision engine. Linking to the Product Genome™, it provides retailers fast and accurate answers on every important detail on the products they carry, including waste codes, transportation regulations and disposal classifications. Acting on these insights, retailers reduce shipping costs, minimize disposal fees and increase donation credits.

The Smarter Sorting Back of Store System (BOSS) accesses the Product Intelligence Platform™ and identifies the optimal disposal path for each product, maximizing appropriate donations and recycling, and minimizing the amount sent to waste.

Retail employees scan the product barcode, weigh the item, and follow easy on screen instructions.

The BOSS syncs with US Ecology so drivers know when to schedule pick-ups, what to pick up and how much to expect. Safety and compliance are ensured throughout the process and retailers get the data they need to show they are hitting their sustainability goals.

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Smarter Sorting helps companies use product intelligence to identify how to best handle regulated consumer products across the supply chain to remain compliant, avoid fines and reduce their environmental impact.

They have won numerous awards for innovation, impact and employee experience, including: Real Leader Impact Award, SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award and Built In's Best Place to Work. They are an Unreasonable Impact company and Target Tech Accelerator member.

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